Posted by: productivityinc | April 28, 2009

The Road Less Traveled

A recent New York Times article “Choosing its own Path, Ford Stayed Independent”, focused on what now appears to be Ford Motor Company’s bold move to overhaul their organization.  Back in 2006, Ford Executives made a plea to the financial community for loans that would allow it to change its operation and return to profitability.  In retrospect it was a smart move as it has allowed Ford to remain independent while GM and Chrysler find themselves coming more and more under government control.Model T Ford 

What at the time was considered an act of desperation, today it is being closely watched as possibly Ford’s defining moment.  Now, admittedly Ford still has a long road ahead and the path to profitability is far from certain.  But because of their decision to pursue a different strategy and the bold move they made to get there, they are in a position to outpace their competition.

So what is your strategy in these trying times? Are you staying the course or are you making bold decisions that will have positive outcomes for your future?   


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