Posted by: productivityinc | May 17, 2010

The EPA Challenges Manufacturing Industry

The EPA Challenges Manufacturing Industry to Improve Energy Efficiency

What is your company doing to become Green?  It’s on every CEO’s agenda. It’s good for your company image and good for your customers.  Everyone benefits from efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

Some manufacturers are:

  • Hosting “Green” Kaizen events (aka Energy Hunts)
  • Linking energy management to process improvement initiatives
  • Adding an environmental icon to their Value Stream Map to address pollution issues, natural resource waste, etc
  • Installing occupancy sensors on heating and air conditioning equipment
  • Installing flow restrictors on faucets
  • Recycling all cardboard, metal and plastic products
  • Using fluorescent or energy efficient bulbs instead of traditional light blubs

But what else can we do?  Consider leveraging compliance!  It’s not easy, but the rewards for you, and your customers and could be huge.  The EPA is challenging manufacturers to improve their energy efficiency by participating in their Energy Star Challenge.

Follow the link to read about the first group of manufacturing sites that have met the Energy Star Challenge

To learn more about the Energy Star Challenge for Industry visit

Environmental waste does not add value to the customer.  Becoming environmentally-friendly will lower your operating costs because you will reduce the inputs you use to meet customer demand!!

When you are environmentally ‘friendly’, you win, your customers win; we all win.

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