Posted by: productivityinc | May 21, 2010

Partnership of Experience and Innovation, Lead to Plant Resurrection

With all the talk of plant closings over the past year, it is nice to hear some news about a plant that is re-opening.  It has just been announced that the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. (Nummi) plant is being purchased for another Toyota venture.  Nummi, originally a joint venture between Toyota and General Motors will soon become the home of a new Toyota/Tesla partnership.  The partnership to build the new Model S electric sedan brings together Toyota’s efficiency and manufacturing expertise with the innovative spirit, flexibility, and quick decision-making of Tesla Motors Inc.

The hiring of ex-Nummi employees has already begun with a plan to add about 50 a month.  Tesla CEO Elon Musk foresees great potential for long term growth and says that over time he sees the partnership generating about 10,000 jobs.

Follow the link to the complete article: FULL STORY

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