Posted by: productivityinc | July 11, 2012

Old Dogs/New Tricks

The old, Old Dog/New Tricks argument

From time to time in my work, I encounter resistance to change (I know what you’re thinking…resistance?  Why would anyone resist? But it happens.).

A lot of the time, the push back is coming from individuals that have worked for their organization for over 30 years.  Often these individuals use the “old dogs/new tricks” saying as the reason they are having difficulty changing.   “I’ve been doing this for 30 years; I am not going to change at this stage.”

When you consider this it is rather ludicrous.  IF they have been working at the same job for that long—of course they have had to adapt and change—no company has gone unchanged in that amount of time.  The truth is that the ones who couldn’t or wouldn’t change and adapt have left the organization.  Those that could and did adapt have stayed.  In that amount of time, technology has affected everything from communications to purchasing to paychecks and probably most of all, the needs and requirements of the customers.  As a result the organization has had to change to keep pace and the individuals doing the work have had to change right along with it.  So, in fact, these old dogs have been learning new tricks for over 30 years…and there is no reason they can’t keep on learning and adapting.  If you take the time to point this out, you may find it a bit easier to overcome this thinking and turn a resistor into an ally.

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