Posted by: productivityinc | July 25, 2012

Present, Empower, Support

Present, Empower, Support

When the pressure is on to show higher-ups that your Lean efforts are yielding results, managers will often go into what we call ‘command and control mode’.  In this mode, managers dictate the “why”, the “what” and the “how”, removing people involvement from the process.  While this method may garner some immediate results, the improvements made will not be sustainable over the longer term.  Lean is a process that will only work if everyone in the organization is involved and playing their part.    Managers should resist ‘command and control’ mode and work to provide associates with the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ leaving them to work out the ‘how’.    Present, Empower and Support your team and the results everyone is looking for will not only come, they’ll stick.

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