Posted by: productivityinc | February 11, 2013

It’s All About the Team


From the playing field to the shop floor – it is all about the TEAM

If you haven’t heard the buzz, or if you didn’t watch the Super Bowl, then you might not be aware of a commercial sponsored by Dodge Ram about the American Farmer. The blogosphere like that of the Twitter and Facebook universe were on fire because of this TV commercial. So what was so special about this one in comparison to the others? First of all, the iconic voice of Paul Harvey truly took many of us back to a simpler time of sitting and listening to his reports on the AM radio. But more importantly, was the message.

True the spot was centered on the Farmer, but the message was much deeper. The message was about hard work, dignity, integrity, faith, and the strength of the human spirit. This commercial stirred emotion in almost all who viewed it because the message is true.

In our workplaces, if we would only lead our employees with basic principles such as dignity, integrity, hard work and have faith in the human spirit, the potential of any given organization become endless. But if we lead our organizations with control, fear, mistrust leading to animosity between leadership and workers, then we stifle the human spirit and the desire to improve.

True lean organizations know the truth about how to treat their employees; they use these simple and self-evident principles to build a community.  Then they provide the community with a common vision and clear goals, and ensure everyone has the autonomy and support they need to succeed.

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Eric Whitley, Sr. Management Consultant

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