Posted by: productivityinc | March 29, 2013

When it comes to Innovation – Think Big

We often hear concerns from smaller organizations that employing an innovation strategy is something only a larger enterprise can pull off.  You will be surprised to learn that based on our experience, being a smaller enterprise is actually an advantage when it comes to building an organization-wide innovation capability. Why? Smaller means faster and more nimble.

The process and core elements remain the same…collaborating closely with you and your team in establishing your organization’s Innovation Vision, Strategy, Business Case, Sponsorship and new value-driving processes.

Inovbp3We would argue that establishing a top-line growth or innovation strategy is even more important for the small to medium sized company than it is for the larger organization.  Smaller enterprises are usually less diversified and have fewer value propositions than their larger competitors.  This makes them more susceptible to market disruptions and when the disruptions come, they are felt faster and more significantly.

In the world of innovation, size doesn’t matter.  What matters most is that you become a market disruptor instead of the disrupted!

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